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fruit cobbler - naturally sweet, tender fruit suspended in a chewy, moist vanilla batter, with a crisp, crackly exterior

chocolate mousse trifle - layers of creamy, homemade chocolate mousses, whipped cream, and rich chocolate cakes stacked in a glass bowl. this dessert can be made into tiny shot-glass size trifles as well

mini trifles - little luscious cups of cake and cream

rice pudding - lush, toothsome rice pudding flavored with specks of real vanilla bean, and topped with a nutty crunch, and golden cinnamon swirl

pots de creme - think the ultimate chocolate pudding, baked custard-style in mini ramekins or shot glasses, then topped with caramel, toasted meringue or hazelnut whipped cream

fruit crisp - soft, seasonal fruit topped with a crunchy, granola-like topping

chocolate-marshmallow pot de creme

spoonable desserts

mini chocolate mousse trifles

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