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chocolate-almond biscotti - intensely chocolaty, thin and crispy biscotti, speckled with chocolate chunks and toasted whole almonds

apricot mandel bread - chewy apricot and walnuts layered mandel bread, finished with an apricot glaze, more nuts and cinnamon sugar

cornflake cookies - crispy cornflake cookie with chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts

mini brownie bites - rich and chewy brownie speckled with a choice of chocolate chips, toffee bits, nuts, marshmallow, caramel... or even dipped entirely in chocolate!

white chocolate raspberry sandwiches - crunchy vanilla butter cookies filled with a sweet raspberry white chocolate ganache

s’mores bars - gooey layer of marshmallow and chocolate baked between two soft, graham-crackery bars

salted walnut brownie cookies- soft, deeply chocolate cookies with crunchy walnuts and a touch of sea salt

pecan bars - a simple shortbread crust topped with a chewy, brown-sugary, caramelized pecan filling. these can be dipped halfway or drizzled in chocolate

cheesecake pops - little balls of chocolate covered creamy cheesecake, garnished with nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate curls, placed atop decorative lollypop sticks

chocolate toffee chunk cookies - rich, melty cookie, loaded with chocolate chunks, crackly english toffee bits, and just a hint of fluer de sel to balance the sweetness

white chocolate oatmeal cookies - airy, slightly chewy, almost hollow giant oatmeal cookie, loaded with creamy chunks of white chocolate

whoopie pies - similar to an oreo cakester, these puffy cookies are sweet with creamy marshmallow frosting

mini linzer tarts -two tiny, whimsical butter cookies sandwiching a dollop of sweet berry preserves

mini cream puffs/eclairs - light, fluffy pate-a-choux encases a decadent pastry cream center, is topped with a glossy glaze, all flavored to your liking (i.e. vanilla, chocolate, mocha...

mini napoleons - layers of crispy puff pastry dough and thick pastry cream, topped with powdered sugar

holiday cookies - sugar cookies decorated with colorful royal icing and decorative sugar








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