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coconut cake - layers of fluffy vanilla cake, creamy coconut-flecked custard and frosted with generous swirls of marshmallow whipped cream and snow white, thick shards of coconut flakes

sour cream cake - ultra moist cinnamon bundt-cake swirled throughout and topped with a crunchy blend of brown sugar, walnuts and chocolate chips

strawberry shortcake - juicy, tart strawberries are scattered throughout the layers of moist, strawberry infused vanilla cake and whipped cream

peanut butter chocolate - rich chocolate cake smothered in a peanut buttery frosting, chocolate ganache, chopped peanuts, and reeses candy

marshmallow fudge - devilishly dark chocolate layer cake with billowy marshmallow frosting, covered in chocolate cake crumbs

icebox cake - homemade chocolate wafers stacked high with white fluffy whipped cream and chocolate curls

blackout cake - moistest chocolate cake smothered in a thick layer of deep chocolate pudding, and covered in lots of fluffy cake crumbs

carrot cake - dreamy, walnut-studded carrot cake piled high with rich cream cheese frosting, and tiny fondant carrots

“carvel” ice cream cake - a chocolate buttermilk cake layered with premium chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and topped with chocolate ganache, and homemade chocolate streusel “crunchies”

tiramisu - traditional lady fingers soaked in an espresso syrup, filled with a sweetened mascarpone cream and shaved chocolate, all tied together with a pretty ribbon 

cheesecake - the most creamy, dreamy cheesecake base paired with a wide selection of flavors and mix-ins to choose from, including:

caramel pecan, cinnamon bun, oreo, brownie mosaic, cookie dough, mixed berry, peanut butter, key lime... and more! (dairy)


icebox cake

carrot cake


crepe cake - layers and layers of paper-thin crepes and silky pastry cream, topped with a crunchy layer of bruleed sugar, and wispy spun sugar

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