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seasonal fruit tart - layers of thinly sliced fruit, atop a thin, flaky crust, baked in a tart pan, and finished with decorative pastry leaves, lattice or flowers. some examples include: blueberry, peach, sour-cherry, apple, strawberry-rhubarb...

pecan pie - crunchy, buttery pecans nestled within a gooey, brown-sugary filling is what makes this classic so irresistible

lemon meringue pie - a creamy, smooth lemon filling, graham cracker or flakey pie crust, and billowy toasted meringue topping

mississippi mud pie - flourless chocolate cake, rich chocolate pudding and whipped cream, all within an oreo crust

key lime tart - graham cracker crust filled with smooth, tangy lime filling and topped with whipped cream

mini tarts - exactly what it sounds like; your favorite pie of tart in bite size

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apple tart

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